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Söring ultrasonic scissor

Präsentation Söring Ultraschallschere Visualisation of the new Söring - Ultrasonic scissors for various exhebition presentations.

Riff Nienhagen

3d marketing visualisierung Riff-Nienhagen The related public relation work is our task. 3D animations, website, print, fair presentations and TV productions have been created. Due to the visibility conditions, the available shots are not enough to visualize structure and complexity of the artificially created underwater world.


3d tourismus vision Baltic-Reef We create an emblem, which combine research, science, tourism, education, architecture and engineering based on the project "Riff-Nienhagen". A whole generation would be sensibilized for the ecosystem Baltic Sea. We want to establish an alliance between ocean und humans.

Celebrate Records

3d produktions visualisierung Celebrate Records This film illustrates every single production step in an impressive manner and answers the exciting question: "How does the music get into the groove?"


3d marketing animation Kyma-Welle The photographer Peter-Paul Reinmuth ordered this image film to combine technically perfect photos with most modern computer graphics.

PPR - Photographie

web präsentation marketing PPR Conception of the website
The minimalist design and the navigation concept allow the viewer to concentrate his or her attention fully to the photos and to get inspired by their impression.

50Hertz Transmission GmbH

3d prozess visualisierung 50Hertz Depiction of interdependency between a 380kv power line and the immediate environment in different scenarios, to avoid danger for life and limb.

Analyzing System

3d produkt präsentation Bionas The ambition was to create a presentation of the analyzing system to be used at fairs as well as to visualize the chemical and physical procedures inside.
Cells that are cultivated on micro-sensor-chips could be observed over a longer period regarding their metabolic activities.


3d technologie simulation Aquakulturanlage A large-scale test for the effectiveness of an aquaculture experimental plant fed with well water.
Visualization of the cold water cycle with oxygen enrichment.


3d funktion visualisierung Nervenzelle Based on a degree dissertation with topic "Neuroscientific foundation of system-constructivist pedagogy" (Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Rostock - Department of General Pedagogy) a Training DVD was produced to depict biophysical procedures within a neural network.

Sex - a mystery of evolution

3d prozess animation Sex The job was to make a current research project of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in Germany, to appeal Secondary school pupils. The animations deliver insight to various background information on evolution ecology, reproduction biology, immunbiology, behaviour and parasitology.

Horst - thw bat

3d naturschutz animation Horst Horst is a bat. He has lived in an old, empty farmhouse for a long time. But one day, the house gets a new owner ...
As animated educational film, this DVD demonstrates vividly and target group appropriate how the habitat of bats can be structurally protected.


3d animation visualisierung Stammzellenforschung With this educational film, the Max-Planck-Society communicates the new opportunities and procedures of stem-cell research.

SpinOff - science to business

web präsentation visualisierung SpinOff Consultancy, conception, CI development and issuing of all printed materials

ScanBalt - borderless Biotech

web präsentation marketing ScanBalt ScanBalt coordinates the activities of the Biotech region in the Scandinavian-Baltic area.
Our task was to issue a site atlas on CD-ROM, booklet included.
ScanBalt - SouthRedSea Egypt

3d tourismus marketing With several underwater photos, hand-drawn sketches and reef maps provided by the dive basis operator at El Quseir / Egypt we issued 3D models of the house reefs Akassia, Flamenco and Maheleg. These shall be used for briefings prior to the dives and enable divers to get a three-dimensional impression of the diving spot.

Jindo - Gezeitenkraftwerk

3d technologie konstruktion Jindo In South Korea accures the largest tidal power plant in the world.
The visualization shows the technological process in the foundations set in about 40m water depth.

FABA - automatic bottle cleaning

3d prozess visualisierung FABA Visualization of a patent for a fully automatic cleaning and filling system, as in the laboratory and in the pharmaceutical industry is used.


Nothing is impossible

There are things that seem impossible or surreal, at least at first glance. But it is usually just a matter of consistency and the right attitude. High goals and expectations are just the beginning. The decision to success often comes in everyday life. So things become possible, that could have been initially considered unattainable. (Source:

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